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Internet Branding Can Improve SEO


By Deborah Marsden  |  Co-Author: Lee McVey  |  

SEO is ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and the use of SEO properly, makes it easier for

Google and other search engines to find your blog, website, or content on the Internet.

There are many Internet entrepreneurs who overlook the significance of SEO because of the way they rely on the Internet to work.

When an individual does a search for a given product, they type in the Google (or Yahoo or Bing as examples) search fields to see the availability of sites on the net for them to look at related to their search.

SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website sometimes involves editing content and HTML code as this increases its relevance to specific keywords which in turn helps the search engines locate an appropriate site for the searcher.

Benefits of Internet Branding and Search Engine Optimization

Visitor Trust

If you were in the market for a new camera and you decided to do some research about digital cameras…how would you feel if your results were a list of unknown manufacturers plus one from Canon.?

Most people have had some exposure to Canon cameras. So, if you did some research and got this list of ‘unknowns’ plus Canon, it seems understandable it you went with Canon as this is the ‘brand’ you are most familiar with. Therefore you trust it more than the others.

This is an example of ‘trust’ as developed through branding.

Internet Branding allows visitors to become more familiar with your site and if you have a logo as well, then the more frequently they see your logo, the more familiar they will become to your brand personality, the more trust they will have in your site and you.

Search Engines pay attention to the amount of time a visitor spends on a particular site. So the longer your visitor spends on your website, the better it looks in the eyes of the Search Engines. The more your visitor trusts your brand the better it is for your business.

Higher Click Through Rate/Conversion Rate

Click through rate or CTR for short is defined as the number of click-throughs per hundred ad impressions. This is usually expressed as a percentage. This means that for every 100 ads viewed, this is then compared to the actual number of clicks made on these ads. This is the CTR.

In the past, just getting visitors to a site held a lot of clout when Web site traffic was generally accepted as the way to measure success. Now, there is less interest in click-through rates and more interest in conversion rates.

If you have established yourself with an online brand that is trustworthy, the greater the likelihood is that your site will have an increased CTR and subsequent conversion rates.

Social Media Conversation

Social Media is taking over the Internet and every minute of every day there are conversations being held on these sites about every topic imaginable. What is important to the Internet Entrepreneur is that these conversations might be about them, their websites or their products. What do you want them to be saying when their focus is on you?

The more often your brand identity is the topic of social media conversations…for all the right reasons of course, the more traffic you are likely to get to your site. When this happens your profile is raised in the Search engines and the more traffic will be generated.

More Searches for Your Internet Brand and Keywords

The better known and trusted you become, the more people will be searching on the Internet for what you have to offer. This will drive more and more traffic to your site. Not only that, but when visitors have actually searched for your site, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Search Engines Begin to see you as an Authority site

People use search engines for information. The more content and information you have on your site that is relevant to the search, the more your site will be seen as an authority Sites.Authority sites rank well because they provide the most relevant information, as well as the largest amount of information.

The stronger your Internet Brand, the more trust you’ll get from the Search engines.



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