Being engaged in affiliate marketing is like earning bucks even when you are not fighting tooth and nail. In other words, affiliate marketing enables a person to get a stream of passive earning. The only job as a affiliate would be to pick up a product from a seller and just promote in an obvious or a subtle way as their wish. Many might have questions about what’s there for the affiliates if someone buys a product which is not even the affiliates own creation? The answer is simple, each time a consumer buys a product by being influenced or from the reference of the affiliate they are most likely to earn their share of profit. There are trackers that keep the count of each sale made through their influence or reference. This is the most usual explanation of how affiliates make money by getting into this sector but that’s not how it mostly works. The pay for an affiliate is not however solely dependent on whether the consumer makes sales or not rather the contribution of the affiliate on the sales of the producer or merchant can be determined differently basing on the program. If we dig deeper into the process, we’ll get to know further how the affiliates actually get paid.

Before getting to know how affiliates get money, one should know about some popular affiliate marketing programs through which mostly this marketing works. These programs include News and media sites, coupon sites, review sites, content sites, bloggers, loyalty sites, shopping comparison, email, search affiliate and many more. While most of us were unaware of how some of these familiar names were indulged in affiliate marketing, there are marketers who are getting paid now.

An affiliate marketer might get paid in lots of ways:

  1. Pay per sale: This is the most usual affiliate marketing payment procedure which is also why this is considered as the standard structure of affiliate marketing. This is the program where the affiliate’s marketing must have to be convincing enough to the consumer to make a purchase so that they get their pay. Whenever an affiliate will be successful in driving a customer to buy the seller’s product they advertised for, they earn themselves the profit. So in this program, it is important for an affiliate to make sure their marketing causes a seller sales to get them pay the affiliates their compensation.
  2.  Pay per lead: While pay per sale is obvious, the pay per lead is known for being a complex structure in affiliate marketing. Here, the affiliate has to lead their audience by persuading them to the merchant’s website to simply pay a visit. But most often, tasks as easy as visiting websites aren’t assigned to the affiliates, in this procedure to make sure you secure your pay as an affiliate you have to draw your customers or convince them into concluding tasks such as filling contact forms, subscription in a newsletter, downloading software and files.  Only if the affiliates succeed to induce the audience into conclude the aforementioned tasks, the seller or the merchant would compensate them their promised share.
  3. Pay per click: This is a tricky one and requires captivating content from the affiliate to engage their audience and impel them. The reason behind calling it a tricky and engagement driven procedure is that, this marketing structure requires an affiliate to be able to redirect their audience to the seller’s website through their bewitching content or advertisement. The payment of the affiliate is dependent on the web traffic which means the number of visits a website gets from the users. In order to earn their desired share of pay, they must ensure they engage their audience well enough into their advertisement so that they feel encouraged to pay the merchant’s website a visit.

These three processes are mainly the ways through how an affiliate makes money. Any of these three are included in the affiliate marketing programs which are used worldwide. It totally depends on the programs that which among the three of these processes they would like to follow to conduct their affiliate marketing. There’s no restriction as a seller to choose by which means they want their product to be advertised by their assigned affiliate. As an affiliate could be either an individual or an entrepreneur, the deal can be made in a very flexible way to promote the seller’s product and get compensation for it.

Although the procedures might sound easier to understand, to be an affiliate is far more challenging. The convincing games they are required to play are not always easy. It really requires an affiliate to come up with good advertisement campaigns to get them paid in reality. Whether it is through pay per sale, pay per lead or pay per click, it is truly the art of advertisement which is the drive force for an affiliate marketer to get their compensation. Successful affiliate marketers have admittedly stated that even though it’s a passive income stream talent and effort to audience is as much needed here as like the other jobs. One must consider all these factors before hopping into affiliate marketing. But at the end of the day, affiliate marketing is good money at least effort. The drill here is to work smart and grab attention and there you have it – your promised pay for the assigned job.


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