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3 Reasons Your Internet Brand Is Ineffective


TJ Philpott

Having an internet brand is essential when trying to develop a profitable business since it helps you stand out thereby giving you a competitive edge! For this reason branding is a very wise business marketing strategy that involves reinforcing the image or message that best reflects what you do or represent! Being this strategy does take time and effort you want to be sure you’re ‘on target’ insofar as you are getting the best results from the efforts you do invest!

Here are 3 reasons your branding efforts may not be giving you competitive edge you are seeking!

Your ‘Distinction’ Is NOT Concise

If what makes you different from the competition is not clearly communicated people will be confused, bored and likely not interested! Look at your brand and see if it sends viewers a clear and concise message, if not it’s back to the drawing board for you! One thing to also remember is even though standing out can give you a competitive edge it is not always quite enough if your message is not engaging! You also want to ‘tease’ people with why they should want to buy from you since ultimately it is sales that build a profitable business!

Do Business & Branding Objectives Match

The message you promote through your online brand MUST be in alignment with your business marketing strategy and objectives! Inconsistencies here can and will render your branding efforts next to useless and since this strategy does take time to be effective, you don’t want to waste it! Remember time is also a resource you must consider when building any profitable business however it is the only resource this is NOT renewable! Having said that always be sure before embarking on any brand marketing campaign that it is in sync with other your business efforts and overall intentions! If this is not the case you’re merely working ‘against’ yourself!

The ‘Tag-Line’

Most every brand has a tag-line that reflects a relevancy to the message you are trying to convey. Is it catchy, original and does it clearly and quickly communicate the message you want in order to help pull your efforts together? Remember as we mentioned above a ‘snazzy’ brand is useless if it does NOT match your overall objectives or even tends to confuse people! In this case you may have a tag-line that is out of sync, unclear or possibly too ‘rambling’ to serve effectively as your jingle let alone giving you any type of competitive edge!

When working online establishing an internet brand is one of the best ways to gain a competitive edge in order to build a profitable business! Since this particular business marketing strategy takes a bit of time and effort to make it the most effective you want to be sure you’ll get the best results. The discussion above examines 3 ways and reasons your current branding efforts may not be as effective as you want! On the other hand by making sure your message is clear, concise and in alignment with your objectives you will then stand to enjoy the competitive edge you need to succeed online!


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